Instaroll® Instant Rollers in Urethane

Developed for the manufacture of wheels, casters and rollers. The bearing hub and tire are produced as one unit so no other parts are required.

Two Clarke compounds are bonded together to produce the Instaroll®. A hard inner bearing (75D) combines excellent abrasion resistance and shock absorption.

Standard hardness is 90A – other hardnesses are available on special order.

The unit is produced in convenient lengths – the user simply cuts off the length desired to make the wheel.

Our Instaroll® features:
  • a cost effective maintenance alternative,
  • takes impact and shock loads
    without deforming,
  • for many applications, no lubrication
    is required,
  • lighter in weight than aluminum
    rollers with bearings,
  • in dirty environments, the Instaroll
    bearing rejects dirt and eventually
    “flushes” it from the interface,
  • less maintenance time,
  • noise reduction – no metal components,
  • resistant to oil, water and solvents,
  • non-marking – will not mark or
    scratch surfaces.