More and more aluminum is being produced each year which means there is an increased demand for better aluminum roll covers for the aluminum industry.

Clarke Roller & Rubber has mastered roll cover design for aluminum applications

The need for quality roll covers has increased in recent years as aluminum has become a competitive alternative to steel. Newer vehicles are now being made with aluminum which creates a greater need for roll covers and a greater quality. A direct result from the increased demand is better roll covers for other types of industries.

Quality roll cover formulations for aluminum

We can formulate the covering to your specific application condition and provide you with the most suitable material with the most effective durometer (rubber hardness).

Exceptional performance

Our roll covers for aluminum provide exceptional performance and are designed for high speed and high temperatures up to 230 degrees celsius. Our roll covers are designed for the traction you require, offering unsurpassed abrasion and hydrophobicity thermal stability.

Aluminum Roll Covers