Research & Development

Clarke Roller and Rubber is constantly working to develop new products and enhance existing products.

Our R&D department focuses on:

New Innovations

We are continually researching and testing new materials and technology, developing new recipes and enhancing production methods to better serve our clients.

Client-based Development

We combine our client’s product knowledge with Clarke’s vast roller knowledge to create specific products made to exact functional and technical specifications. Precise production processes are developed and application specific materials are researched and created to provide the very best roll cover solutions.

Quality Enhancements

Our research and development department implements a high standard of quality control but we are always researching ways to enhance quality to even greater levels, decrease client’s costs and improve delivery performance. We sample, create, test and modify roll cover materials and technology utilizing our state-of-the-art chemical laboratory and mechanical testing department.

Clarke Roller and Rubber Research and Development